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Lanarkshire Restricted Tournament
Larkhall and Wishaw 12th & 14th Oct 2007

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Sam Johnson & Christine McLellan
Senior Mixed Doubles Winners
Laura Gormill
Ladies Singles Winner
Christopher Foley
Gents SinglesWinner
Christine McLellan & Laura Greig
Ladies Doubles Winners
Martin Greig & Sam Johnson
Gents Doubles Winners
Sophie Morrison
Girls Under-12 Singles Winner
John Clifford
Boys Under-12 Singles Winner
Sophie and Hannah Morrison
Girls Under-12 Doubles Winners
John Clifford and Andrew Thomson
Boys Under-12 Doubles Winners
Mhairi Thomson
Girls Under-15 Singles Winner
Christopher Smith
Boys Under-15 Singles Winner
Elise Printer and Hannah Baird
Girls Under-15 Doubles Winners
Kris Hawkins and Matthew Weglicki
Boys Under-15 Doubles Winners

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